Caladan castle

Caladan is the planet the Atreides ruled before coming to Arrakis/Dune. It is an archipelago with vast oceans, a striking contrast to Dune’s endless deserts.

I made much greater use of texture brushes here than I normally do. They take a lot of the work out of detailing and speed up my workflow significatly. I must endeavor to find/make more.



Guild heighliners in the Dune universe and massive ships that represent the only form of interstellar travel. They carry people, goods, and other ships all over the empire. Their engines can warp the ships forward faster than the speed of light but do not prevent collision with any obstacles in between. Guild steersmen use a limited form of prescience gained from mass consumption of the spice to guide the ships along safe routes.

I’m not altogether happy with this picture, either with it’s composition or with the design of the ship. It feels too simplistic and doesn’t convey the massive scale on display. I have some ideas for a repaint, but with the deadline looming I feel like it’s more important to move on to other things for the moment. If I have time I’d like to come back to this and try again.


A reworking of the painting I scrapped before. I’m much happier with this version.

The scene is Paul Muad’dib about to mount and ride his first sandworm as part of his initiation into fremen society. The hooks in his hands are used to pry open one of the outer ring segments. Once open the worm will do anything to avoid getting sand into the soft membrane underneath. They will not burrow under the sand as they normally would, but will roll to elevate the exposed area. By changing the position of the hooks a rider can force the worm to roll further; changing it’s direction.