Final image

This is essentially a redraw of the previous sunset image but with a darker tone and a different composition.


Flood shelter design

I’m trying to refine my ideas for how water top shelters look in my flooded dystopia. The people in this world only have access to very basic building materials, akin to what might be found in a shanty town. However over time structures have becomeĀ  more complex despite the lack of technology. Built on stilts and along the sides of ruined building these habitats are designed to deal with the harsh weather that comes in from the expanded ocean.

Flooded cityscape

I’m quite pleased with the way this painting turned out. I did the colour mixing for this entirely by hand rather than resorting to fixing mistakes afterwards using various photoshop tools (level adjust/hue & saturation/replace colour etc). I think the design for my cityscape has reached a point where I’m happy with the overall look, now I just need to refine and workon the details and backstory. I also need to begin thinking about how to format all of my work for this project into a powerpoint slideshow for presentation.


A continuation of my idea of having a city devastated by an enormous flood. I still haven’t decided which direction to go with the project, however I do like the ample opportunities for dramatic compositions that this natual disaster theme provides.

(ps; I’m really getting the hang of water thanks to all these paintings)