Final Walk animation

I messed up here with the length of the background, the timing of the run cycle, and the choice of poses to use. It all results in the character running as if in slow motion. I also missed out the eggs rolling down the hill and smashing which I’d originally planned as a punchline simply due to time constraints (Why do they keep setting deadlines for different modules within a few days of each other?!).

Adam Phillips

This video (or rather the set of 33 that it introduces) details the working process of an animator working in Flash. The animation is done frame by frame using a wacon tablet and flash’s built in drawing tools. He works pose to pose, filling in the frames between major actions,  with the end result being very smooth, somewhat exaggerated movements.

In the final video you can see a lot of the principles on animation in action. I really love the attention paid to the backgrounds, not just in their design, colour, and layout, but in the way they are animated with depth of field and swinging camera angles.