Size comparison


A quick diagram showing the size of the pet relative to a player.


Choosing an art style #2




Above is some of the concept art for Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph. Unfortunately the website I found these on didn’t credit the individual artist(s) responsible for each painting.

The style is again quite painterly, with no linework on display. Proportions are very clearly exaggerated, but form, lighting, and perspective remain accurate. There are lots of gradients used, and as a rule outer edges are extremely hard, while inner edges are soft. The overall impression is very clean and colorful, with forms very easy to read.


Choosing an art style

The third part of my independent practice brief was designed to get to to explore other art styles and subject matter. Before coming up with my final creature design, I need a suitable art style.

The first artist I’ve looked at as a possible source of inspiration is Eric Proctor, or TsaoShin on deviantart. He uses a colourful palette and exaggerated proportions, but doesn’t sacrifice form or cut corners with rendering. His paintings are very much paintings, with little reliance on linework and brush strokes often on display.