Response to critique

At the final crit we all gave anonymous feedback to each others work. Here are the responses I got for mine:Scan 3

The most common criticisms were focused on the music, which was highly divisive with some people claiming it fit the action well and others insisting the opposite. Unfortunately changing the music would necessitate a re-edit, which I’m not sure I have the time for so close to the deadline. I will however look into other tracks and possibly swap the music before the end of year show.

Here is an updated version of the video with some of the feedback from the final crit taken onboard. There are lots more changes I’d like to make but which aren’t feasible in the remaining time.


Sound design

I resolved to finish off the video at home today. With the crit imminent I figured that most, if not all, or the machines would be taken up by people rendering or just finishing off work. However my software access is limited. I spent considerable time and effort trying to edit sounds using audacity and windows movie maker. Eventually I went back to After Effects and found that it had enough audio tools to get the job done.

Looking into music and sound effects sites earlier helped a lot, and I’ve been building up a small library of sounds I though might be useful. Below is the finished version I intend to present at the final crit.

Character shots

4a 4b 4cThis shot is for the mages planting their staves in the ground. The 3rd image is just an overlay of Bradley’s cloak to cover his arm as it moves down. 6This is a panning shot of the characters charging up their magic. Character art has never been my strongest suit, and I do feel like both these shot could use more work. However with the final crit looming I’m anxious to move on to actually animating soon. Hopefully I’ll have time to revisit these before the final deadline, or failing that: the end of year show.

Making use of those early backgrounds 2

2This shot reuses a background, simply with the canvas cropped and the figures added in.   12a 12b 12cThis shot uses more of the background image as well as foreground elements. 12d 13a 13b 13cThis last shot uses the entire original background image, both of the foreground elements from before, and two new additional elements. It also reuses a modified version of one of the crystal shots.

Making use of those early backgrounds 1

For instances where the camera angle remains consistent between multiple shots I was able to touch up and reuse some of the earlier background images. The extra detail I put into images where I knewthis would be an option paid off by allowing me to zoom in or pan the shots without issue. 3a 3b3cThis shot reused the initial establishing shot as it’s background. I’ve simply extended the canvas, added more detail, and painting the figures and foreground on separate layers.

5a 5bThis image reuses the more detailed version above, along with more detailed characters and a different foreground.