Updating my portfolio

I set up a portfolio using this wordpress blog back in my first year, and have been cycling my more recent work in as I feel it’s merited. I came back to it recently and realized that I’ve just been bumping my older work downwards, and while while best work stays clearly visible at the top there are also some very outdated pieces viewable towards the bottom. I’ve heard the phrase “Your portfolio is only as strong as your weakest piece” and from looking at other artists’ portfolios I definitely agree. My perception of an artist is heavily influenced by what I think of their worst work, it calls their better work into question and raises ugly questions about possible plagiarism. It’s better to have a small body of excellent work than a large mixed bag.

I went through and removed what I felt were the worst offenders. Looking at my portfolio I feel it may be a good idea to move away from wordpress. The layout is very bland, and enlarging images is an unnecessarily complex process. A properly designed website along with a snappier domain name may be a good investment.


One thought on “Updating my portfolio

  1. Spot on Jake

    I was going to suggest this to you. Your website is your shop window to the world that is your CV and main marketing tool as roled intoone and you need a new website that emphasises quality over quantity and is no longer your course blog.

    We can then talk about internet/social media tactics to get your website noticed


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